Narration from the book ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ pages 58-60, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

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Meeting Schedule

All scheduled Into Action Group Meetings at Grace Methodist Church in Gaithersburg, MD are offering a phone and video Zoom meeting option for those members who wish to remain quarantined during the COVID-19 event.

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6pm Travilah


7am Attitude Adjustment (Big Book)

12pm Big Book at Lunch (Big Book)

8:30pm Old Walnut Hill


7am Attitude Adjustment (Living Sober)

12pm How It Works(Big Book Chapter 5/Steps 3&4)

8pm There Is A Solution (Speakers)


7am Attitude Adjustment (Traditions)

12pm Walnut Hill(As Bill Sees It)

6pm 270 Rush Hour (ACA for AA/Other Recovery)

8pm Primary Purpose (Big Book)


7am Attitude Adjustment (Came To Believe)

12pm Into Action (Big Book Chapter 6/Steps 5,6,7,8,9,10,11)

8pm Spiritual Tools (Principles of Steps)


7am Attitude Adjustment (Steps)

8pm Recovery Celebrated (Celebration/Speakers)


7am Attitude Adjustment (Celebration/Steps 1,2,3)

9am Morning Step (Steps)

12:30pm Reflections (Daily Reflections)

5pm Double Trudgers (Mental Health)

Seventh Tradition

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Tradition Seven (Long Form) – The A.A. groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members. We think that each group should soon achieve this ideal; that any public solicitation of funds using the name of Alcoholics Anonymous is highly dangerous, whether by groups, clubs, hospitals, or other outside agencies; that acceptance of large gifts from any source, or of contributions carrying any obligation whatever, is unwise. Then too, we view with much concern those A.A. treasuries which continue, beyond prudent reserves, to accumulate funds for no stated A.A. purpose. Experience has often warned us that nothing can so surely destroy our spiritual heritage as futile disputes over property, money, and authority.

Reprinted from Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, pages 190-191, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

About Us


Into Action Group

We are an Alcoholics Anonymous Group that meets at Grace United Methodist Church in Gaithersburg MD.  The Into Action Group holds 20+ meetings a week.  The group has been meeting regularly for over 40 years. Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, our meetings have moved online to the Zoom platform until further notice.


Although the Into Action Group is a “single group” within A.A., each meeting operates autonomously amongst themselves with separate chairpersons and meeting formats.  The Into Action Group has a service committee that is directly responsible to the groups as noted in our ninth tradition.  Its mission is to facilitate our contacts between the group and individual meetings and the church.  This includes use of Owen Hall (our meeting room), paying rent and other issues as they arise.  In addition to paying the rent, the Service Committee procures coffee, cups and other supplies needed to support our daily meetings.  Conference Approved A.A. Literature is acquired and provided at cost along with free pamphlets and “Where & When” meeting lists for all Into Action Group meetings.  The Service Committee consists of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Literature Coordinator, Coffee/Supply Coordinator and a Church Liaison.  


The Into Action Group started meeting at Grace Church in the mid 1970’s.  The first meetings held were on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the school classrooms attached to the Church.  In the early 1980’s Jim A., a member of Grace Church, saw the need for lunch time meetings and worked with others to get those meetings started Monday – Saturday.  At around the same time, “Maytag Tom”, Wink and a few others started the 7 a.m. meetings at Grace Church.  In recent times, several other meetings have moved in or been started under the Into Action Group.

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